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  • 380v , 50hz , 3ph Automatic Lamination Machine High Temperature Glass Production Line

380v , 50hz , 3ph Automatic Lamination Machine High Temperature Glass Production Line

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Product Description

Supply Scope (main parts):

1. Loading table

2. Transition conveyor section I

3. Washing & drying machine

4. Transition conveyor sectioan II

5. PVB film combining section

6. Transition conveyor section III

7. Pre-heating section

8. Pre-pressing section

9. Heating section

10. Pressing section

11. Transition conveyor section IV

12. Unloading table

13. Control system

14. Technical documents

15. Autoclave

16.Turning plate and Glass Trolly for autoclave

17.Air compressor for autoclave

18.Air tank for autoclave

19. Dehumidifier & air conditioners in PVB cleaning room (supplied by the Buyer)

20. Air piping system in PVB cleaning room (supplied by the Buyer)

21. Building materials for PVB cleaning room (supplied by the Buyer)

22. Cooling pool & cooling tower for autoclave (supplied by the Buyer)


1. Washing section

1.1. The washing water adopts automatic circulation & filtration system, and the temperature of hot water is control automatically.

2. Pre-heating section & Heating section

2.1. This line has one pre-heating section, which really makes the heating twice and pressing twice, it could exhaust the air between glass and avoid the glass dislocation. Without the pre-heating, after pressing, the glass would be dislocated.

2.2. Heating section adopts the convection technology, which could make the heating more faster and homogeneous (as optional)

2.3. Shaft-head sealing technology, which makes the heat could not escape from the shaft head.

2.4. Heating section has the quartz glass observation window for observing the glass heating & moving conditions.

3. PVB Film Combining Section

3.1. When choose the “Automatic Film Cutting” mode, control system will measure the glass length automatically. The film-clamping device and film-cutting device will cut the film according to the glass length automatically.

3.2. When choose one certain film roller, this roller would be transferred to the film-clamping and film-cutting device automatically, and the last used film would be returned to the roller automatically.

3.3. There is a reasonable design between the washing unloading and film-combining, it not only could be opened for workers’ passing through, but for conveying glass with small size when closed.


Full automatic flat glass laminating line, is a special plant used to produce the flat laminated glass, which mainly used in the fields of architecture (doors, windows), bulletproof glass, garden fence, elevator, furniture, etc.

This production line has the highest automation and the most sophisticated function on the market today.

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