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  • Vertical High Speed 9kw Glass Edging Machine

Vertical High Speed 9kw Glass Edging Machine

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Product Description


Glass straight line edging  machine is designed for grinding straight edges or 45 angles on flat glass of different sizes and thickness. The round grinding, polishing and angle making can be completed in a procession. Its speed can be widely adjusted by its stepless regulator. Speed alteration is very smooth In grinding operation, feeding and operation speed can be adjusted at random .Font rails can be adjusted to fir vcaried thickness of processed glass. With an automation system for gripping,lubricant ,steady voltage and its advanced its advanced structure ,high precision ,easy operation and high working efficiency, it is one of indispensable instruments for glass procession. Grinding Wheels 8, it is designed for straight edges, rough grinding half-rough grinding Refined grinding, Grinding, half-refine grinding, polishing and refined grinding and polishing of both sides angle.


(1) Equipped with cup wheels is specially designed for retailers&medium range glass processors and also specially for tempering glass units.Crude&refine grinding can be done in one time.

(2) This small size machine can be considered as a replacement of manual operated machines with much faster,better and accurate results of grinding

(3)The machine operates with 2 wheels for flat and 2 wheels for arris.

(4)Min glass size can be 50x50mm and 22x20mm.



 4 Motor type glass straight line edging machine

Min.Glass size


Glass thickness


Transmission speed






Land occupation


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