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  • Adhesive Cork Pads for Glass protection

Adhesive Cork Pads for Glass protection

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Product Details

Brand Name: Lever Place of Origin: China

Packaging Details


Product Description

Cork Pads with foam

• Materials:

Plain Cork + White self-adhesive PVC foam + Blue protective plastic liner

Features :

• Self-adhesive PVC foam, effective adhere on glass surface,and easy to remove after use;

• protected products surface clean and no residue.

• Model/Size/Thickness/Packing of Standard or Popular products

( can aslo customize it as per your request):



(cubic m.)

GW (kg)
18mm*18mm3mm cork + 1~2mm foam25,000pcs0.0459.5
18mm*18mm2mm cork + 1~2mm foam60,000pcs0.0819
20mm*20mm5mm cork + 1~2mm foam12,500pcs0.0459.5
20mm*20mm3mm cork + 1~2mm foam20,000pcs0.0459
18mm*18mm4mm cork + 1~2mm foam20,000pcs0.0459.5
18mm*18mm1.5mm cork + 1~2mm foam35,000pcs0.04510
15mm*15mm3mm cork + 1~2mm foam37,500pcs0.0459
15mm*15mm2mm cork + 1~2mm foam47,500pcs0.0459
12mm*12mm3mm cork + 1~2mm foam50,000pcs0.0458.5
10m*10mm3mm cork + 1~2mm foam80,000pcs0.0459.5
10m*10mm2mm cork + 1~2mm foam105,000pcs0.0458.5

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