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  • Vacuum Bagging film for PVB Lamination
  • Vacuum Bagging film for PVB Lamination
  • Vacuum Bagging film for PVB Lamination
  • Vacuum Bagging film for PVB Lamination
  • Vacuum Bagging film for PVB Lamination
  • Vacuum Bagging film for PVB Lamination

Vacuum Bagging film for PVB Lamination

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  • 250 Meter / Meters
  • 100000000 Meter / Meters per Month
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Product Details

Brand Name: Lever Place of Origin: China Model Number: LVL015

Packaging Details

Carton Box

Product Description

Vacuum Bag/ film with high temperature for laminated glass /
Nylon vacuum bag film with high temperature for laminated glass
1. Standard size of vaccum film for option:

No.Specification (Width x Length)Unit
11650mm x 250mOne roll
22100mm x 250mOne roll
32300mm x 250mOne roll
42500mm x 250mOne roll
52700mm x 250mOne roll
63000mm x 200mOne roll

2. Instruction:
Our technology has the ability to process a variety of difficult laminated glass (such as a variety of curved glass or embossed glass laminated, as well as the United States DuPont SGP explosion-proof film laminating), high yield, easy to learn, less investment (The price is far lower than that of similar foreign products). At present, CSG, AVIC Sanxin, Chuangyi Technology, Jiangmen Junfa Glass, Foshan Nanliang, Jiangsu Aolan and many other companies all use our technology.
3. Brief introduction for vacuuming process:
Let's take a brief introduction for the vacuum film to make laminated glass.
When processing curved tempered glass or hot-bending glass laminating, it is often impossible to perform normal rolling processing due to the arc length or high arch height of the glass. And when laminating the DuPont SGP explosion-proof film, Most manufacturers use a glass with a vacuum strip around a circle, put it into the drying box and vacuum it, then enter the autoclave.
Since the vacuum belt only surrounds the glass one circle, it is not completely sealed, so the product quality problem often occurs, the equipment and process input of the drying box are increased, and the cost is high and the efficiency is low.
In addition, when processing the patterned glass, glass surface is wavy or other uneven shape, so that the vacuum strip cannot seal the glass at all and cannot be processed.
Our solution is to completely seal the glass with a vacuum bag and directly into the autoclave for vacuuming and form once. It has the characteristics of high yield, high efficiency and easy to learn. At the same time, this method is also suitable for making super large and wide laminated glass.

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