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  • 260x60x7 mm Thickness U shaped channel Glass for building showroom

260x60x7 mm Thickness U shaped channel Glass for building showroom

  • USD $50 - 60 / Square Meter |Get Latest Price
  • 500 Square Meter / Square Meters
  • 50000000 Square Meter / Square Meters per Month
  • Qingdao
  • T/T L/C MoneyGram Western Union Cash
  • 30 days

Product Details

Brand Name: Lever Place of Origin: China Model Number: LV-U
Shape: Curve, Flat Function: Acid Etched Glass, Decorative Glass, Heat Absorbing Glass, Heat Reflective Glass, Insulated Glass, Low-E Glass Type: Float Glass
Structure: Solid Technique: Clear Glass, Figured Glass, Frosted Glass, Stained Glass, Tempered Glass, Tinted Glass

Packaging Details

wooden cases

Product Description

U profiled glass, known as U Glass, Channel Glass, is a relatively new type of building material. Its name originated from a cross-section view of 'U' shape. U profiled glass is produced from mixed batch materials mainly consist of silica sand. Before turning into salable glass, the material has gone through multiple process-melting, forming, annealing and cutting. Firstly produced 50 years ago, U profiled glass was originated from the Europe and it has been recognized as a standard building material in architecture. This product has been widely used in the Europe, whilst the application in China started in the 90's. U profiled glass has been applied in more than 20,000 projects all over the world.

U glass specification:

1.Single glass thickness:

6mm 7mm


- Width size: 232mm, 262mm, 332mm, 400mm, 500mm,…,etc

- Length size: max reach up to 7000mm

- Flange height: 41mm, 60mm

3.Fire resistance:45 mins to 1 hour
4.The types of embossing surface of the U glass available in:Transparent super white, Ice pattern, Thick Ripples, Thin Ripples. Special patterned can be made as customer’s requested.
5.U glass types:common U channel glass, tempered U shaped glass

Why use U-shaped glass?

---High light transmittance, sound insulation and thermal insulation

---U channel glass can create the effects of rays of light which is unapproachable for other material, high light transmittance, but protect privacy.

---Excellent sound insulation performance. Its sound insulation performance could reach 42 decibel when is not sealed and 44 decibel when it is matched with thermal insulation materials.

---When installed in double layers, it provides perfect thermal insulation and heat insulation, best choice for window, curtain wall.

---U glass can effectively reduce light pollution due to the excellent refraction performance.

---Main material is 100% recyclable and green, eco friendly environment meet society’s requirement.

---Safety and reliable, have a long useful time, lasting 30 years.

---Easy to install, clean and maintain.

It is mainly distinguished according to the size and quantity of the glass size, the difficulty of processing, and the added value.
Large-size glass original film is divided into: foam bare bag, iron frame packaging, wooden packaging.
The deep processing glass logistics delivery defaults to wooden box packaging (the specific cost is confirmed according to the size)

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